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Hello all you total rad babes. My name is Kadee Michaelis! I am a small town girl from Genoa, Arkansas (southwest Arkansas - outside of Texarkana). I am 19 years old and opened Rockin' K Boutique when I was a freshman in college, I was 17 years old. I participated in high school rodeo my senior year of high school through Southwest Arkansas High School Rodeo Association, I barrel raced (and still do during the summer when I have time to haul to different jackpots). I have always wanted to learn how to rope, so that is on my bucket list next! I graduated high school a year early, while attending high school I worked at a boutique in Texarkana called The Rancher's Wife. I have always had a love for western fashion, but working in retail throughout my senior year of High School showed me that if I worked hard enough I could make a career out of the retail/boutique world. This had always been a dream of mine, however I never thought it would be possible - after graduating high school I changed my chosen major from Pre-Dental to Business Management. 

I attend college full time at Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, Arkansas. Go Riders!! Along with being a full time student I own and operate a store front, our address is 105 S. Jefferson Magnolia, Arkansas. So if you are ever in the Magnolia area, stop by and see us! You may ask how I handle school and running a business? Well I do it with the help of my wonderful mother, Sarah. You can find her in store on days that I have to attend class! 

I recently bought a mobile boutique, and am hoping to hit the road soon! This will give me the opportunity to meet so many more of my clients! If you have a festival near you email us @ rockinkboutique2018@gmail.com if you would like to see us there! Along with if you would like to see the Rockin' K trailer set up where you work or for a party/gathering email us, we would LOVE to see all of you! I plan on hitting the road and traveling all over the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee to start out with! And who knows, maybe one day I will broaden my travel spectrum and get to meet you! 

One thing that I have learned since Rockin' K has been open is that if you put your mind to something and really want to see it through, you can make it happen. This boutique has opened so many doors for me, I mean you wouldn't be sitting here reading this blog post if it wasn't for Rockin' K. I am so thankful that you have chosen to shop with us! Use hashtags like #rockinkboutique #rockinktrailer #rockinkmagnolia and TAG US in your super cute Rockin' K outfits, because we would love to see all of them! 

I hope that each of you find something that makes you feel beautiful like we know that you are. I love you all. -Kadee Michaelis, Owner of Rockin' K Boutique

If you don't follow us already I am going to drop the Rockin' K Social Media below, along with my personal instagram so that I can see what all of my RAD customers are doing:

instagram: @rockinkboutique_

facebook: Rockin' K Boutique

VIP facebook group: Rockin' K Boutique - VIP Group

personal instagram: @kadee_michaelis

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